Nobel Journalism

Siddharth Singh

The ideological message of the prize is at odds with what is truly celebratory about it

Declan Walsh: It’s Too Easy to Blame Zia for It All

In conversation with Declan Walsh, author and journalist

In Defence of Offence

To protect freedom of speech, protect the right to be genuinely offensive

Mohammed Hanif: ‘There is nothing left to satirise’

Mohammed Hanif’s new novel takes flight when a plane crashes. The author tells Nandini Nair why death is the only lover who does not betray her promise

‘We need a book of the times we’re living in’

Investigative journalists Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark tell Shikha Kumar about the research for their bestselling book on Osama bin Laden. A film is in the making

‘To Somehow Shut Me Up’

A personal tribute to Gauri Lankesh (1962-2017)


Amit Shah's edict, a journalist with ‘connections’ and the medical college scam

A Difficult Dateline

A part anthropological, part sociological and part vicarious portrait of a slice of Pakistan

Ariel Levy: She Is Her Own Story

The author in conversation with Bhavya Dore

Look Who Is Watching

Gay Talese might be an iconic journalist, but in his latest book he is an accomplice to a pervert


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