Reversing the Gaze

Jaithirth Rao

India needs a non-JNU—but not based in Delhi please

What’s Next, Comrade Karat?

Good news: Karat, an ideological classicist, unlike his fellow comrades, does not live under a fascist regime. Will he go a step further risking his own ideological position?

Kanhaiya Kumar: A Suitable Boy

The moribund opposition desperately needs an icon and Kanhaiya Kumar mouthing old radical slogans comes handy

Let the Romance Linger

Nalini R Mohanty recalls a time when every 24 hours seemed to send the pulse of JNU racing to a revolutionary precipice 

Confessions of a JNU guard

“According to the rules, we have to stop them, but many couples get angry when they are caught in the act.”

JNU Blues

The Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi turned 40 last month. But for all its political trappings, the one emotion that defines the forest-surrounded campus is romance—or the lack of it.

At Home in JNU

Meet the man who can’t part ways with Jawaharlal Nehru University

It’s a City of Undeserved Privilege

Like a rich man’s son, Delhi is a beneficiary of undeserved privileges. That is at the heart of Bombay’s contempt for Delhi.


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