Jeremy Corbyn

Lost in Fantasy Island

Lance Price

British politics loses the famed English virtue of common sense

Hay Notebook

The political drift at the Hay Festival

London Fire and Leadership

Britain feels the absence of a leader at the worst of its time--when it needs answers and authority

May Be a Wounded Lion

The ideal day after June 8th: A new Theresa May and a new Labour

Britain: Wish Us Luck

The tradition of liberal democracy is under threat in Britain

The Irony of This War

Despite Obama’s strong words, the West is still groping for a response to Islamic State

Call of the Zealot

Is it that the politics of the twenty-first century will be determined not by race or religion but by wealth?

The Accidental Revolutionary

Jeremy Corbyn, the far-left rebel who is now the Labour leader, could be a passing phenomenon. Will he meet Narendra Modi when the Indian Prime Minister visits London in November?


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