Jawaharlal Nehru

Cultivating Constitutional Morality

Ram Madhav

As the Constitution turns 70, its spirit needs to be guarded not only by parliamentarians but also by the people with utmost sacredness

When Edwina Missed India and Nehru

The many loves of the Mountbattens

From non-alignment to multi-alignment

Modi’s foreign policy is focused on a series of parallel relationships that strengthen bilateral partnerships and seek a common approach towards security, economic equity and the elimination of existential dangers like terrorism

Kashmir Regained

But the wounds inflicted over the last seven decades by three cliques who used and abused power will not be easily healed

The Panglossian Years

For those who bothered to look, the problems with planning were always clear

Mumbai Notebook

A synagogue as a cosmopolitan symbol

‘Three Warnings’ of BR Ambedkar

Dr Ambedkar raised the spectre of India losing its independence once again if the Constitution was not adhered to in letter and spirit

One India, One Man

Rediscovering Patel as unifier and assimilator

Open Diary

London books shops, Abir Mukherjee’s crime fiction and a sense of history

When Gandhi Played Dronacharya

Sardar Patel’s loyalty to the Mahatma and Nehru’s rise to the top


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