Jawaharlal Nehru

Independence to Republicanism

The contrasting styles of nationalism and citizenship

The Indian Rate of Reform

Establishing a new business, choosing what to consume and relatively lower taxes are still ideologically suspect

The Rediscovery of Nehru

How Nehruvians revised their idol

The Ideal Against the Political

The making—and the almost unmaking—of the Constitution

A Delayed Tryst with Destiny

India is still set to become the third largest economy by 2030

Portraits of Power

The India-US relationship as a study in leadership

The New Establishment

The assertion of Hindutva and the disintegration of the Nehruvian order

What if…

Bose had returned home in 1945 and won the General Elections of 1957?

The Soul of the Nation

India differs from the West in the ethical foundations of its nationalism and its idea of the state


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