Jawaharlal Nehru

Chronicle of My Death Foretold

Zareer Masani

In defence of dignity in departure

India as a ‘soft state’

The citizens of Nehruvian and post-Nehruvian India often attempted to justify their vulnerability by claiming to be preoccupied with loftier things

One Vote for One Nation That Is Bharat

By the way, were Indira and Nehru anti-federal because they held all elections on a single day?

The Lost Dominion

The forgotten United Bengal proposal and its lingering aftertaste

An Exceptional Tryst

India has reinvented both patriotism and nationalism by infusing them with the republican spirit

A Constitutional Promise

Defenders of the idea of a Uniform Civil Code had hoped it would become a reality but the divisions seen in the Constituent Assembly took a turn for the worse in subsequent decades

The House Modi Built

The new parliament connects the seat of Indian democracy with the country’s ancient traditions

A Whiff of Mandal

The Opposition’s demand for a caste-based census is a desperate gambit to splinter Modi’s Hindu constituency

Churchill’s Endgame in India

Was he a nasty imperialist or a British patriot?

A Manifesto for Secular Hindus

Five points to keep in mind in tackling communal polarisation


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