Dr Fazal Gafoor: The Good Doctor

Ullekh NP

Being Dr Fazal Gafoor, the president of the Muslim Educational Society that has banned burqas and veils in classes, isn’t just tough. It is dangerous

Range of the Radical

Two books explore the influence of Salafism

Masih Alinejad: ‘What made me different was that I took action’

Iranian activist-journalist Masih Alinejad reveals the importance of saying no to repressive regimes in her memoir

Let’s Talk

Is there an argumentative Islam?


A short story

A Dishonourable Killing

The price women in Pakistan pay for challenging social norms

‘My advice to Pakistan: Stop inventing history,’ says Husain Haqqani

Open conversation with Husain Haqqani, Pakistani diplomat and former ambassador to the United States and Sri Lanka

A Summer of Turmoil Awaits the Valley

Short on weapons but with hundreds of youth ready to join militancy, terrorist groups in Kashmir are reportedly using lucky draws for recruitment


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