Irrfan Khan

Karwaan Movie Review

Ajit Duara

By the end of the film, you ask the question - what on earth were the makers of this movie smoking?

Getting Serious in Tinseltown

In Search of Her Next Big Project | Petty Games of One-Upmanship

There’s Something about Sara

Friends Like Family | Producer versus Director

Irrfan Khan’s Health Scare

New Film, New Strategy | Casting Grouch

Blackmail Movie Review

Blackmail is one of the rare occasions when Irrfan looks vulnerable to the bane of all fine Indian actors - a perceptible slip into mediocrity through overexposure

‘I am never good enough for myself’

Irrfan Khan tells Divya Unny why

Qarib, Qarib Singlle Movie Review

Irrfan gives us a hugely entertaining character, but his persona starts to fray by the end

A Suitable Role at Long Last

The Clash Equilibrium | Credit On Demand

Hindi Medium Movie Review

Irrfan Khan is the kind of actor who could bring life, if he chooses, into a film called Russian Medium, set in Saint Petersburg


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