Wanted: A New Capitalism

Ullekh NP

Mariana Mazzucato argues that in the post-pandemic world governments need to shape innovation rather than merely fix market failures

The Blood Pact of Brothers

‘We plan a global launch of our blood clot removal device soon,’ say Vikram Janardhan, 49, electrical engineer, healthcare expert and CEO, Insera Therapeutics Inc, and Vallabh Janardhan, 46, neurologist and chief medical officer, Insera Therapeutics Inc

Mind Matters

It is what we lean to the most every moment of our life

Tech Meets Jugaad

3D printing ventilator parts and protective clothing could help critical care units tide over a COVID-19 surge

Let’s Talk

Is there an argumentative Islam?

A Superpower of the Past

Innovation gave ancient India immense economic advantage

Facial Recognition: Face the Future

Facial recognition comes of age with the iPhone X but there is interesting work happening in India too on this front

Time to Pedal

Public bicycle sharing has often failed in India but two big launches suggest it might finally be here to stay


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