Bigger Than a Back Office

Rajeev Deshpande

The rapid expansion of global capacity centres in India is marked by innovation and high tech that can fuel growth and raise incomes

‘This Is Not Fusion’

Innovation meets tradition in Amit Chaudhuri’s new album

Fast Forward

From new energy hopes to Elon Musk’s ambitions, tech is changing at the speed of light

Race to the Top

India’s global ambition

A Fair Deal

Building a national digital bazaar

A Moveable Feat

With some creative skills and good old-fashioned jugaad, an informal industry lifts your home and sometimes shifts it too

Hindu College: Legacy Meets Innovation

Perfecting the science of achievement

National Institute Of Fashion Technology: Couture Goes Digital

Tailor-made innovation at the grassroots level

The Transformers

Successful innovation goes beyond technology, to include commerce and policy

Startup Stories of the Covid Times: Innovation in Adversity

Startups with creative ideas step in to fill the gaps in healthcare, logistics and employment


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