India’s partition

The Uses and Abuses of What-if History

S Prasannarajan

A past powered by the Dissenting Strongman and the Dreamy Intellectual enriches the legacy of freedom—and the political content of the present

Across the Line

A richly rewarding portrait of the subcontinent through personal stories

Language Outreach

Urdu claims its rightful place as a voice of the people

A Wounded Memory

Crossing the border all over again in the mind

Gurinder Chadha: ‘The future will be bilingual and bicultural’

Gurinder Chadha brings a British Punjabi perspective to history

Trauma of Partition: Divided Lives

Returning to the trauma of Partition

A Movement Revisited

The independence struggle as a narrative of the highs and lows of our national will

Strangers at Home

Are Indian Muslims exiles in their own country?


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