India’s partition

The Survivors

Chittajit Mitra

Thirty stories that capture the essence of Punjabiyat

Critical Mass of Urdu Speakers

Urdu’s importance has been declining steadily since a mass of Urdu speakers and writers migrated to Pakistan from northern India and the erstwhile Hyderabad state after Partition

Tricoloured Memories

Oral histories that conjure up the varied experiences of 1947

Entwined Lives

Amit Majmudar’s new book fictionalises a comparative study of Gandhi and Jinnah

Was There Ever a Golden Age?

An era when Hindus and Muslims shared a bond

How Jinnah Divided Muslims

An error and a tragedy

In Search of the Real Savarkar

The place of Muslims in his Hindu Rashtra

The Great Betrayal

We did not abandon the Congress, they abandoned us

The Legacy of Jinnah

The argument that had he lived longer, Pakistan would have evolved into a proper democracy is pure sophistry


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