Indian Constitution

The Problem with the Illiberal Label

Siddharth Singh

India remains a democracy and has been so except for a brief period when elections were suspended and fundamental rights curbed across the land

Independence to Republicanism

The contrasting styles of nationalism and citizenship

The Utility of Duty

Its virtues are self-evident but fundamental duties became part of India as fundamental rights were taken away and that was no coincidence

The Ideal Against the Political

The making—and the almost unmaking—of the Constitution

Kesavananda Bharati: The Seer Who Dared

Kesavananda Bharati, who died on September 6th, did not win in court, but his 1973 case limited Parliament’s power to amend the Constitution. Indian democracy is indebted to him

The Sword of Nehru

Are we still paying for the sins of the first secular, socialist Prime Minister?

A Dharmic Document

What’s constitutional morality?

Constitution Vs Democracy?

Is India at a moment where its democracy is in battle with its Constitution?

In Defence of the Absolute Citizen

In a constitutional democracy, politics cannot be reduced to the advocacy of pre-set interests

The Birth and the Debate

The text and context of 1950


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