human mind

Shadows of the Mind

Basav Biradar

An online interdisciplinary exhibition explores the complexities of mental wellbeing

Consciousness: The Elusive Entity

Science, metaphysics and the problem of defining consciousness

Subservient Minds

And their dominion stretches from politics to media

Nobody’s Novelist

Ottessa Moshfegh’s new book establishes her prowess at excavating the minds of characters on the margins of society

Murder on their Minds

Portrayals of psychiatrists on recent web shows use psychology to titillate or trivialise

The Mind in Isolation

What experiences of silent retreat meditators and astronauts say about the brain during lockdown

Phantoms in the head

Fear is a fundamental fact of life but all great achievers overcome it

Deep Within

These stories reveal the fragility of the mind and the capacity of the heart

The Age of Genius

The tumult of the 17th century led to a breakdown of systems but also to greater freedom and even greater innovation

Porn Is Not Addictive

The brain activity of so-called ‘porn addicts’ is the opposite of cocaine and gambling addicts


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