Sonakshi the Fearless

Priyanka Pereira

Meet the new action heroine of Hindi cinema

What I Learnt from My Internet Holiday

Do we become digital hermits just to bypass the clamour and save our skins? Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. Because identity on the internet is something akin to a ‘blank vote’. You can be sure someone else will appropriate it if you don’t

A walk in Himalayan clouds

Life-long hikers give us their top nine treks, through mountains and vales

Go On, Get Out of Here

A selection of 25 choice holidays for the season

No Escape from Delhi

If you think a cultural festival outside the city is the perfect excuse for a holiday, go prepared. It might just seem like you’re back in Delhi

Summer Relief

At 40º C if you can’t handle the heat, it’s time to get out of the plains. But where to? We squinted at the globe, stared at the map and called the experts to come up with a summer travel menu of places that’ll re-sap your spirits. Read on for where to smell the wildflowers, listen to the stomp of wildebeest and how to jump off an aircraft so you can hurtle earthwards at 200 kmph.

Hardly Diwali

While we bring out the sweets and the crackers, these champion athletes are sweating it out at training and passing up the goodies with steely resolve


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