Bigger than the Sum of his Imperfections

Pratap Bhanu Mehta

He did a far better job of gaining knowledge of the larger sweep of history than any of his contemporaries. The confidence with which we condemn Nehru exposes the narrowness of our certainties more than it detracts from his achievements

Documentary Dictatorship

Shame: the Nehru Papers are still inaccessible to most Indian scholars and researchers

In the Forecourt of History

When Modi skips the Throne Room on Inauguration day, it will be a sign of the people’s Prime Minister

Rum’s Rebirth: Don’t Swill, Just Taste

Don’t Swill, Just Taste The story of how the drink survived the fury of the seas and the cruelty of men

‘It’s All in the Soil’

Kamila Shamsie’s new novel animates history with textures of fruit, blood and stone

Will History Too Retreat?

Warning as American Troops Withdraw: Modernise Afghanistan at Your Own Peril

The Value of History

There is a lot that Bihar can learn from its glorious past to solve problems currently plaguing the state

Life and Letters in the Mughal Empire

Mughal history is so much more interesting when seen through the art and literature patronised and inspired by the emperors

US Presidential Election Debates

Lincoln followed Douglas on his campaign trail, goading him from the audience

Nayar’s Believe It or Not

Kuldip Nayar’s memoirs, really a personalised history of contemporary India, are a good read. But his apologies and retractions since its publication do justice neither to his book nor his reputation as a journalist


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