Harappans would have scoffed at attempts to make them vegetarians

Ullekh NP

Ullekh NP in Open Conversation with historian Nayanjot Lahiri

Honouring Jadunath Sarkar

India’s foremost archivist-historian was a complete fusspot when it came to details

‘Left Historians Misled Indian Muslims on Ayodhya’

“Hindu-Muslim relations over Ayodhya would not have deteriorated to this point if the left historians had not misled and misguided the Muslim group,” says historian Meenakshi Jain

Girish Karnad (1938-2019): The Modernist

Girish Karnad turned the mythical and the historical into the contemporary

David Gilmour: ‘The Raj-bashers are oversimplifying a long and very varied period of history’

S Prasannarajan in Open Conversation with David Gilmour, English historian


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