Modi Beyond Bad Headlines

S Prasannarajan

Step out of the hellhole of front pages. Out there another India beckons

The Freedom Issue 2016: Editor’s Note

Cow jihad, Kashmir, Modi and the freedom of arguments

The Rewards of Being a Spectacle

They might look foolish but both Hindu Sena and Donald Trump know what they’re doing

The Define Comedy

What unites kitschy nationalists and secular fundamentalists?

From Hinduism to Hindutva at the Kumbh

Like 1989, the VHP has used the occasion to rouse communal sentiment, which the BJP hopes will work to its advantage in Uttar Pradesh

In UP, Congress Plays Communal Card

A one-time Ayodhya agitator and Gandhi family loyalist is set to take over as the state’s Congress chief

The BJP Has Forgotten Its Very Basis

It has neglected Hindutva and its connection with the uniqueness of this ancient nation

God Has Left Politics

There’s proof Indians are becoming more religious. Yet the days of politics based on religion seem to be over. What happened?

Between a Block and a Hard Place

Whichever way the BJP chooses to go, it senses trouble. It’s an unenviable problem for a party that rose so dramatically to power not so long ago

Revenge of the Sangh

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh ideologue MG Vaidya has some words of elderly advice for the muddled BJP


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