Advertisement for Faith

Virendra Kapoor

How come in none of the 50-odd Islamic countries there is internal peace?

Please Listen to Mohan Bhagwat

Neo-Hindutva and the challenge to national unity

The Sangh and Modernity

RSS is an idea that is still evolving

In Search of the Real Savarkar

The place of Muslims in his Hindu Rashtra

Chasing the Elephant’s Shadow

Badri Narayan’s book throws new light on the RSS. The author tells Rahul Pandita how the organisation is trying to inculcate a vision of modernity coupled with traditional wisdom

Among the Believers

The rise of grassroots Hindutva and anti-incumbency add to the BJP momentum in West Bengal

Modi, Ram and the Temple

It was as if political Hinduism’s first citizen wanted to liberate Ram from the aggressions and grievances of Hindutva, and dedicate him to the nation

Bharat’s Ratnas

The problem with my Savarkar versus your Gandhi


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