Hindi cinema

From One Banner to Another

Rajeev Masand

Not Ready to Give up Yet | The Price of Being Overpaid

Omerta Movie Review

The movie is a docu-drama that does hold your attention for brief periods of time, but fails to impress overall

102 Not Out Movie Review

It is about two stalwarts of Hindi cinema of the 1970s and 1980s, playing foolish roles in a badly written movie

A Remake With a Twist

Kartik’s Moment in the Sun | A Charming Nightmare

Daas Dev Movie Review

One would have expected more political, cultural and cinematic sophistication in a film by Sudhir Mishra

There’s Something about Sara

Friends Like Family | Producer versus Director

Nanu Ki Jaanu Movie Review

Without doubt, this is the most hopelessly cliched film that Abhay Deol has worked in

The Adamant Superstar

Letting Bygones Be Bygones | Vanity Affair

October Movie Review

It is a film that makes you weep at the ebbing away of life

Being Salman Khan

The matinee masculinity of Hindi cinema’s biggest star


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