My Friend Guru

Dev Anand

Upon a chance meeting, a first-time hero and an assistant director made a lofty promise to each other. That promise culminated in a noir-styled movie, Baazi, in 1951. Its inimitable hero, Dev Anand, remembers his troubled and only true friend Guru Dutt

The Last Indian Superstar

The secret of Rajini’s mass appeal is that he’s a true celluloid hero, not a multiplex megabrand like Shah Rukh or the latter-day Amitabh.

Salman Khan has a Cold

He’s moody. He ditches. He can destroy careers. So what is it about Salman Khan that makes him so endearing?

The Colonel Who Got Us Siachen

Colonel Narinder ‘Bull’ Kumar secured India the world’s largest glacier without shedding a drop of blood. Twenty six years later, this legendary mountaineer-soldier is bestowed with the coveted MacGregor medal.

The Fate of Ranbir Kapoor

A star with disarming manners, a football nut who hopes Argentina lifts the World Cup, a young man who is terrified of commitment, Ranbir Kapoor is on a sudden dramatic flight to the very top. And it is written on his face that he is the next Number One.

The Reluctant Hero

Something in him has changed. In place of the jovial boy is a dark brooding man. But Hrithik Roshan continues to see life as a beautiful journey.


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