The Winning Ways of Modi

PR Ramesh

Are we moving towards a Congress-less federation?

The Show of Strength

India still swayed to the tune of Narendra Modi

The Moment of Reckoning

Voters maintain an enigmatic silence as the political endgame gets closer in Modi’s citadel

Rahul Gandhi: The New Boss

Rahul Gandhi emerges from his mother’s shadow to run the Congress. The road to India 2019 begins with a small step in Gujarat 2017

Inhouse Rumble Against Dynasty

Taking Keshav Maurya with a Pinch of Salt | Singing a New Raga | Running for Cover in Gujarat | Barack Obama, the Greenback Boogie |

The Gujarat Moral

The campaign for Modi is a rite of thanksgiving as well

Vijay Rupani: In Modi’s Shadow

And Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani feels most secure there

Battle for Gujarat: Amit Shah in the Vanguard

The BJP president cannot afford to leave anything to chance in the most prestigious Assembly election

Arundhati Roy: The Utmost Unhappiness of Being Indian

Arundhati Roy’s second novel in twenty years retains her original magic even as it becomes an overwrought political project

Nostalgia Trip

A love story weighed down by an overdose of emotions


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