Perils of the Backward Fetish

DL Sheth

The emergence of a new social injustice will lead to a surge of such protests across the country

Why Patels Can’t Complain

An unjustified demand for reservations by a dominant group has engulfed Gujarat in a caste struggle for power

Return To Godhra

Back to back arrests of three accused who had been absconding for 13 years brings one of India’s most volatile datelines back into focus. Strangely, they seem to have been right under the noses of the police all this while

On a Harappan quest

Could a village in Haryana have been the ancient civilisation’s very first settlement?


Modi played the indulgent host to perfection as he tried to bond with the visiting Chinese president Xi Jinping. Can the mutually suspicious Asian powers overcome the trust deficit?

Let’s welcome the autonomy economy

Gujarat isn’t Guangdong, but shows the rest of India what its model of governance can achieve

Raj Thackeray berates Modi for Balasaheb ‘snub’

Criticises Gujaratis for giving nothing to Mumbai

Out to Save Holy Cows

After police turned up with VHP activists to arrest local butchers for slaughtering cows, a Muslim group in a Gujarat village launched a cow protection campaign

Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

An ill-matched lead pair and phony environment make this film hard to watch


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