‘We will use every provision in the Constitution to push reforms’

PR Ramesh

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley spoke to Open’s Managing Editor PR Ramesh and shared his ideas on reviving the Indian economy. Edited excerpts:

Modi makes a salesman’s Pitch: Make in India

The strength of Modi is his dexterity in connecting personally with both his customers and his people

Spent Force

Economic growth will not revive until the Government starts investing instead of handing out subsidies

Gujarat as an Object of Jealousy

Gujarat’s growth is hard to ignore. And with India’s economy in crisis, two divergent responses are surfacing

The Indian Employment Puzzle

Very few jobs were created in the past six years. But the count of job seekers has been on the decline. How come?

Rise of the Middleweights

A new McKinsey & Co report finds that future growth for India will likely come from middleweight cities like Hyderabad and Surat, among 11 others.

Fortune-telling, the Indian Way

All the broad-spectrum economic indices that show India forging ahead, while not wrong, are leading us away from issues that really matter


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