The Sordid Tale of a Godman: The Cult and the Crime

The sordid tale of a godman divested of his halo by the law and the question of how he acquired it

Shambhu Baba: A Saint Is Sighted

The meteoric rise of Shambhu Baba, the latest addition to the list of godmen from Mithilanchal in Bihar. And he is too sacred to be photographed

People Laughing at Themselves

Ye living under a star sign: throw not stones at someone’s dream of hidden gold

Godman on the Run… Again

Nithyananda finds himself in an unholy mess

Sai Baba as a Professional Hazard

The perils of tracking the godman’s life, influence and miracles as a journalist

Swami ‘Paramahamsa’ Nityananda

The swami’s Life Bliss Foundation, set up in 2003, has more than 1,000 centres across 33 countries.


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