In the Name of Cinema

Divya Unny

Despite the controversies, the independent film flag was held up at the International Film Festival of India

My Name Is Anthony Gonsalves

The Goa of Hindi cinema is India’s internal exotica

Narendra Modi: The Only One

The power and pervasiveness of an idea called Modi

Narendra Modi: The Nation Builder

Modi and the making of a new India

Goa-ing Beyond

Wander into Goa’s historic and idyllic heart to discover two distinct flavours: heritage and authentic cool

Goa: Coastal Anxiety

Will new players spoil the party?

Breaking Free on the Beach

Indie goes mainstream at the 10th Film Bazaar in Goa

The Cost of Localising BRICS

Let’s not induce the world to re-hyphenate India and Pakistan

The Return of Maggi

Nestle sent the new batches produced in its Karnataka, Punjab and Goa plants for testing in three government approved laboratories which deemed them fine


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