Tyranny of the Union

Madhavankutty Pillai

On Goa government trying to block Uber

Cross Currents

Old Goa is said to have been deliberately dismantled by its inhabitants until nothing remained except its churches and convents. Lhendup G Bhutia strolls through the remains of Portuguese India

Goa of the Mind

Imagining the sweep of diversity

The Big Message from a Small State

The decline in Congress votes and the role of smaller parties gave BJP the winning advantage

Modi & the Monk

It was the ‘double-engine’ magic of Modi-Yogi at work in UP. In the run-up to 2024, the unambiguous message is that leaders like Adityanath will give no quarter to slow-footed rivals

TMC’s Three Gifts

… now every Goan can live on their own land

The Meaning of the Mamata Campaign

Trinamool Congress is aggressively looking at expansion, with Mamata Banerjee fast becoming the main face of the opposition

The Ultimate Prize

Mamata is taking her Mission Goa seriously

Beware the Beach Variant

As more and more Indians get vaccinated, they will hopefully leave Goa alone. To its own devices and its own pace of self-discovery

Olá Goa

An allocation of Rs 300 crore to mark the 60th anniversary of the state’s liberation from the Portuguese is evidence of its outsized influence


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