Saint and Sinner

Arun AK

Stories from Rajasthan about gods, ghosts and humans

Feasting on Fear

Inside the subcontinent’s house of spirits

Colonial Hauntings

Reading ghost stories by British women writers

Movie Review: Split

Night Shyamalam cannot resist introducing the supernatural into his films, and so the movie quickly descends to the lower depths of exploitation cinema

Planchette: A Dying Curiosity

An investigation of the disappearance of visiting ghosts

India’s Most Haunted

From governor generals to lowly soldiers, India hosts many Britons who are only too glad to hang around after they have been long dead

Phantoms of the Mind

A novel about ghosts that are as real as the evil in human hearts

Something’s Lurking in the Dark

The doorbell went berserk after midnight at Manmathababu’s apartment, but whenever they looked through the spyhole, they saw nobody...


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