A Yellow-Black Fairytale

Sopan Joshi

The line-up for this year’s UEFA Champions League has three usual suspects and one gigantic wave of energy

Europe’s Judgment Day

The ruling has pushed the euro’s value higher against major currencies

Too Smart for Europe

How Germany sees the Eurozone crisis. And why others demur

The Curious Case of Elfriede Maria Schmidt

A 77-year-old German lady who’d made a Kochi hotel her home for the past eight years died last month. Her body has been lying unclaimed since. We went in search of her past and found four threads unspooling a lonely and wounded life

The Emperor’s Holy Book

A copy of the Quran, parts of which were written by Mughal ruler Aurangzeb, will soon be auctioned in Germany.

It Was a Classic

Germany’s 4-1 defeat of England at the World Cup, despite the refereeing controversy, will be a match long remembered.

Loneliness of a German Fan

You get glares from people around you. But it only makes you clearer about why you’re cheering for this team.

Inglourious Basterds

This is Tarantino at his usual. Action full of blood and gore. And humour designed to make a joke of everything, including Jewish suffering under the Germans

Inconvenient Martyr

That a headscarf can cost someone her life is disturbing enough. That the world media looked the other way is worse


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