Post-Brexit UK: The Eternal Battle

Sunanda K Datta-Ray

Memories of futile heroism and the politics of reckless morality in post-Brexit UK

Alexander von Humboldt: An Early Green Warrior

Rediscovering Alexander von Humboldt, the 19th century scientist and humanist who first understood the web of life

Nationalism: What Does 2016 Owe to 1916?

The centenary of the Easter Rising and lessons on the limits of nationalism

On Cloud Nine

From Munich to Mumbai in 58 days

Europe Reimagined

As three historians return to the bloody evolution of 20th century Europe, we realise how the current cataclysms of a continent make it easier for us to understand its past

Our Conscience Is Their Only Home

The Caliphate of Hate cannot be undone by military power alone

A Tough Compromiser

The author of The Tin Drum changed the art of the novel. And his politics was consistently problematic

1989: Between History and Memory

The threat today is no longer from the comic strip communism of Pyongyang. It is the ex-communist as an aggrieved nationalist, or the pinstriped communist as a Confucian capitalist, who challenges the world

Two Men And a Car

A road trip across Germany, Belgium and France

Rejecting Home

Troubled by the spectres haunting Europe, Claudia Richter is on self-imposed exile in India


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