Gaza Strip

In It Together

Anat Bernstein-Reich

Israeli Muslims are standing by Jews for the first time

The Death of a Pipe Dream

The only way Israel can ensure who governs Gaza is by governing it itself

The Palestinian Jihad

From Arafat’s empty holster to Hamas’ cult of death

The Double Tragedy of Palestine

Has the progressive consensus on victimhood become an apologia for the theocratic struggle of Hamas?

A Letter From Jerusalem

Israel is a country trapped between mutilated geography and hateful history

The ongoing episode of the Israel-Hamas conflict

Since 8 July, Hamas has fired nearly 1,000 rockets and mortars into Israel and the latter has carried out about 1,500 strikes

Of Love and Loss

The extraordinary story of a Palestinian doctor from Gaza and his search for meaning in life. For his is a life few of us would be able to bear


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