Omar Mateen and the Clash of American Dreams

Bennett Voyles

The Orlando killer may have pledged his allegiance to ISIS but there is more to his hatred and violence

Do It Like Gay Couples Do

In a relationship without gender norms, everything is up for discussion

Love Stories Are Not Straight

This queer anthology questions labels such as ‘straight’ and ‘gay’ and, among other things, addresses the complications of love

Gay Sportsmen

Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas came out at the peak of his career in 2009


For all the gay jokes and homo-erotic scenes, it’s the film itself that is a major drag.


...may have prospered through the attention early gay men lavished on their nephews and nieces.

Marching with Pride in Chennai

Chennai, considered by many to be a very conservative city, saw its first gay pride parade on 28 June

Straight Trouble

As more gays step out of the closet, the heterosexual man is going to need more than an abdominal shield to protect his privacy and macho pride


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