Jana Gana Reflex

Rimli Sengupta

Is nationality really personal? What does it mean for me to be Indian? What does it mean to be Indian now, after 62 independent years?

Images of Liberty

Freedom appears in strange forms in strange places in unexpected and insidious ways. We asked our team of photographers to interpret the concept, well, freely

The Superstar Problem

Some film makers hope for the day when producers and the public will be liberated from the ‘star’. (By the way, we carry this essay only because a Hrithik interview fell through)

Life after a Life Sentence

Some of them spent their best years in prison. They were young when they went in and middle-aged when they were released. Some are still serving time. What does freedom mean to such people? Here it is in their own words

In a Free State

Families from countries in conflict who have sought political refuge in India inform us of a curious fortune—despite everything we are lucky to be Indians. We don’t have to flee our own country

Should We Kill the Office?

Do people really want freedom from their offices? Or is it the only place that lets people be themselves and gives them time away from family?

My Way

The story of our struggle for freedom told through the lives of extraordinary and regular men and women

Learn as You Will

Some parents do not send their children to school because they believe it is a destructive concept. These kids pick up things as they grow up talking to animals, running freely through villages and observing the whole world around them


The lesson from Kashmir, the most militarised region in the world, is that domination does not mean victory


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