India Needs a National Plantation Policy

N Dharmaraj

For sustainability in agriculture as well as business, Kerala’s plantations need to achieve economies of scale

Return to the Mystical Forest

The eternal rewards of an African safari

Bringing up Baby

The unique parental role of the male hornbill

Natural Concern

Only institutional change can save wildlife

In the Garden of Earthly Delights

In pursuit of the perfect body and mind, we forget to feed the soul

Wayanad: The Hills are Dying

Why nobody cares for Wayanad, Kerala’s enduring environmental tragedy

Conflict Zone

A requiem for the people of Bastar

Green versus Red

The future of conservation in some of India’s most resource-rich forests hinges on how battles shape up between rebels and the State

How to Save a Sanctuary

The Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka has been notified as a tiger reserve. While this tag will fetch extra conservation funds for the sanctuary, it threatens to displace Soliga tribals from their ancestral habitat. New generations of Soligas may not be content with their forefathers’ way of life, but this forest will lose its soul without them. And India will lose one of its best opportunities to try out a model of coexistence between wildlife and eco-sensitive people

Or Try This for Corruption

While the great Indian middle class obsesses with cricket and corruption, an epic three-way battle is unfolding in forests across the country. It is time to take notice, and a stand. Because, more than anything else, the outcome of this tussle will decide India’s future


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