The Come Back Cat

Nikita Doval

Seven decades after it vanished from India, the cheetah is set to return this November. Some conservationists fear it will upset the Indian ecological balance

Exile and Kingdom

Returning to the epics to find pandemic metaphors not in war but in acts of generosity and kindness

Right of Passage

Corridors are essential to link shrinking tusker habitats

Mahua: Flower Power

Mahua, a humble tipple of the adivasis, finds its space under the liquor marketing sun

Senaka Senanayake: Life Is Beautiful

Often criticised as being purely aesthetic, Senaka Senanayake’s positive paintings are by no means emotionally inert

Don’t Miss the Woods

…for the trees. A startup called Afforestt shows how

How to Make a Forest

...with minimum fuss and maximum effect

On the Wild Meat Trail

Two documentary filmmakers go into the interiors of the Northeast for five years to understand an eerie silence of the forests. They find hope in local tribals defying tradition to go green


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