A Himalayan Faultline

Siddharth Singh

Reckless building of infrastructure has been blamed for the mess

Tovino Thomas: Action Hero

Tovino Thomas shines in a blockbuster Malayalam film about the floods of 2018

A High Watermark for Bihar

In a state scarred by drought and floods, a scheme converting floodwater into drinking water has brought in a wave of relief

There is no case for trade with Pakistan

Does trade with Pakistan matter to India?

Imploding City

The latest downpour has shown once again why there is no saving Mumbai

The Deluge And the Deluded

No flood could wash away the anger of Chennai

The Limits of Man

The Chennai floods and the haste to link it to climate change


In the valley after the deluge, the struggle of the living, the abandoned and the orphaned, is all about survival and coping with the loss. We listened to the sighs, sorrows and anger of a people still submerged in the memories of what one Kashmiri calls the ‘blood flood’

Flash Floods

A flash flood has often come and gone (leaving behind a trail of destruction) before the victims can do anything substantial about it.


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