English literature

Shakespeare: Favourite Lines From the World’s Most Quoted Writer


Full of sound and fury, signifying everything

Shakespeare: The Play’s the Thing

He understands the personal better than a shrink and the political better than a pundit. He explains it all better than a sage. An Open celebration of the world’s greatest storyteller

Sunil Khilnani: Past Master

Sunil Khilnani explores the idea of India through the profiles of fifty Indians who shaped history

Harper Lee (1926-2016): Walking in Another’s Shoes

Harper Lee will always be celebrated for her portrayal of childhood and for showing us that most people are nice, when you finally see them

Harper Lee: Killing Her Darlings

Harper Lee’s prequel-sequel to the timeless To Kill a Mockingbird explodes the myth of the indefatigable Atticus Finch—and defines the function of a classic


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