Ekta Kapoor

Jabariya Jodi Movie Review

Ajit Duara

It's not an unwatchable movie

The Spy Who Never Shows Up

The Curious Clash | Storm in the Studio

The Inevitable Blame Game

Films of a Feather Don’t Flock Together • Not the Next Big Thing

The Half Boyfriend

Playing It Safe • The Reckless Diva

The Unsound of Music

Rubbing People the Wrong Way • The Wedge-Resistant Friendship

Sucker Punched Again

Sleuthing and Slacking • The Actor Who’s Leading a Double Life

A Bulging Wallet

A Bulging Wallet • Friends and Lovers • Another Comeback: Via the Gym

Bhansali Plays Patience

Bhansali Plays Patience • The One-boy Woman • Experiments With Body Language

Confessions of a TV Serial Scriptwriter

“There’s a constant disconnect between writers. No writer knows what the other is working on, even if they are working on the same episode. It has become a clerical job now”


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