The Generals and Their Puppet

Siddharth Singh

In November 2021, Imran Khan took a fatal misstep when he thought he could actually pick his own ISI chief

Lessons to Learn from Lanka

Spending borrowed money on unproductive projects is a curse

Island of Despair

In Sri Lanka, food inflation has soared to 25.7 per cent with the prices of essentials, including milk, skyrocketing

The New World Disorder

A new multipolar structure of autonomous alliances beckons India

Creating a Stakeholder Economy

Development and access to basic amenities are moving voters away from the traditional draw of caste and religion in India’s most politically significant state

Enter the Expert

Has the pandemic made the elite and empathy incompatible?

Is Reason Infected?

Science and civil society in the year of the plague

Cartographer’s Day

Liberalisation of map-making is a gamechanger for the economy—but with this freedom, too, comes a big responsibility

Going Big on Bitcoin

Should cryptocurrencies become mainstream, it would make a big dent on the power of governments

Dishy Rishi Makes A Point

Why Britain is the world’s most relaxed multiracial democracy


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