Colonialism 3.0

Minhaz Merchant

The West’s new weapons to keep the world in line

A Farewell to Welfare

Could libertarian economics be the right medicine for wasteful populism?

Expansion of BRICS a huge setback to the world order dominated by the US: Prof Wolff

Thanks to six new members, BRICS represents more than half of the world’s population and 43% of global oil production

The Power Point

India is a sensible bet for the West to counter China

Through a Lens Darkly

Ashoka Mody’s understanding of Indian democracy is unnecessarily pessimistic

The Greatest Desert Saga

Doha will be the world’s first melting pot after the pandemic

An English Elegy

Not since World War II has the country looked so defeated

The Wages of Profligacy

Behind the political anger directed at the Election Commission for asking parties to explain how they plan to fund their promised freebies lies an ever-growing threat to the Indian economy

A Prayer for Britain

Liz Truss has made a perfect mess of everything in the shortest time possible

The Fall of the Brothers Rajapaksa

Can the newly elected, mild-mannered Premier Ranil Wickremesinghe be a rainmaker?


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