Open Diary

Swapan Dasgupta

Our perceptual gap with the West on Russia and the need to educate Uber and Ola drivers 

Mothers and More

The spirit of being women in action

How to Manually Steer Backwards

The driverless car is an inevitability, even if Nitin Gadkari won’t allow it in India

Driver’s End

What the coming of driverless cars portend for human transport

Confessions of an Ambulance Driver

“There have been deaths in my ambulance, but also births. At the set-up I work for, more than 13,000 babies were born in a vehicle”

“A small team with clever ideas can win”

Formula 1 success takes a winning combination of a terrific driver, chassis and engine, says Adrian Newey, chief technical officer, Red Bull Racing, and one of the best known engineers in the field. In India currently with his team for the inaugural race

Confessions of a Mumbai Train Driver

When I stepped into the train the first time after the accident, I was shaking


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