The Show Goes On. And On

Prachi Sibal

Atul Kumar’s adaptation of Shakespeare is a permanent hit

Trauma in Red Tape

A physician-scientist writes a social satire plus supernatural drama set in an unnamed Indian village

Official Secrets Movie Review

This is a film worth watching

The Number Game: A Bollywood Drama

Featuring actors, private investigators and a celebrity lawyer

Drama Queens

Remembering the first divas of the stage

Beauty Redefined

Aesthetics is not a matter of arts alone in an age of stifling cultural battles

A Crisis of Opportunism

On the flawed characters in the Devyani Khobragade drama


An anomaly in Scorsese’s oeuvre of mean dystopias, this is his dreamlike tribute to cinema

Bravo! Another Curtain Call!

The Ministry of Culture has announced a slew of measures to put life back into the theatres of India. But theatre and its practitioners want and need much more.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Teen hormones create more havoc in this film than the evil Lord Voldemort


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