Pet Intimacy

Ranjit Lal

Two anthologies by pet parents pay tribute to beloved dogs and cats

The Secret Lives of Indian Street Dogs

New studies show they grow smarter about humans as they age and some are even monogamous

Pet Project

Animal owners and veterinarians cheer as private hospitals bring the latest in science and skill to India

Every dog has its day

A rare breeder comes to the rescue of the Rajapalayam hound, the storied hunting companion from south India

Why Dogs Love Humans

The hormone that enables humans to trust one another also allows dogs to bond with their owners

Dogs Can Read Human Faces

Our best friends know when we are happy or sad. And they prefer us happy

Jealousy and Evolution

Dogs can feel jealousy, and like anger and fear, it might even serve an evolutionary purpose

The Mammoth wipeout

How dogs helped ancient humans hunt this grand pachyderm to extinction

His Master’s Voice

A new study finds that dogs process emotions and voices just as human beings do


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