Sexual Cleansing

Nandini Nair

An online community of the young declares war on pornography

Artificial Intelligence: Ashwini Asokan, Anand Chandrasekaran, 35, 37 Founders of Mad Street Den

“We looked at everyday lives to figure out where AI can intersect”

Smart Devices: Vivek Mohan, 24 CEO, Bisko Labs

“Our venture is a way of redefining everyday devices that dominate our life”

Memory vs Forgetting

Archives, impersonal and official, come to life thanks to new technology and the efforts of a few dedicated men and women

Survival of the Savviest

Elections in the Age of Data Power

Of Love and Law in La-la-land

With Indian cinema going digital, fair competition is under a threat not so easily dismissed

Epson WorkForce DS-30

If you need a small scanner for the road, or to save space, try this

Canon Powershot A 3300

A budget camera that will not leave you feeling cheated

Canon EOS 7D

This 18-megapixel digital SLR is for those who are serious about photography.

Life in the Time of the Camera

With digital photo lenses all around us, life is no longer what it was. Public exposure is a constant threat. But relax, say megapixel historians, look at the bright side.


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