This Is Us

Digital platforms have changed the way India produces and consumes entertainment. Expect to see more of us—crazy, rich, poor, sane us—on our smartphone screens soon

‘I Wanted to Help Women Restart Their Careers’

Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO, Jobsforher

Ketaki Sheth: Her Own Space

The art of Ketaki Sheth is perfected by the intuitive and the digital

Shakespeare in an iPad

Virtual labs, data analytics and attractive business models are drawing entrepreneurs and learners to invest in digital classrooms

Hail the Humanities

The importance of a well-rounded education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Network Problem: Lessons From the Facebook Scandal

Mind control by machines is a serious threat to democracy

Data is Destiny

The social engineer has been replaced by the digital mind bender

The Data Doctrine: More’s Law

As data gathering goes into overdrive, India could lead the quest to make the whole greater than the sum of bits and bytes


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