digital technology

Race to the Top

Amita Shah

India’s global ambition


Advanced driver assistance technology, together with awareness and training campaigns, is helping make Indian roads safer


The evolution of a digital evangelist

The Sharing Quotient

Digital technology has enhanced the concept of give and take

Facebook: Ad Twisting

The social media giant’s refusal to censor political speech leads to a boycott by corporate advertisers

The Digital Doctrine

A strong message for the new economy

Quantum Leap

What will the Rs 8,000 crore earmarked for quantum technology mean for this new field in India?

Defend Assange to Save Journalism

If you don’t defend Assange now, your ability to know the truth in the future will be badly hit, says Dr Suelette Dreyfus, the co-author of  Underground

Freedom from Babudom

A technology platform introduced in Haryana is transforming the government’s interface with citizens. Can it be replicated elsewhere in India?

Indebted to Imaginary Pleasures

Photographs of food can be equally appetising


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