Delhi Riots 2020

A Toolkit for the Post-Truth World

Rahul Pandita

If you care about democracy and liberty, stop distorting the undistorted

Cancel Culture’s India Problem

When publishing house Bloomsbury withdrew their book Delhi Riots 2020

The Evidence of Conspiracy

The Delhi Police implicate AAP councillor Tahir Hussain in the Delhi riots of February

‘In the mortuary everyone becomes the same; there is no Hindu or Muslim’

As toll in the violence comes close to 50, evidence from the ground makes it clear that the police failed both communities

The Faultlines in Delhi

Constantly distrusting Indian Muslims, branding them as anti-nationals, is not a good idea

Is it the New Normal?

Change has been relentless since the BJP’s big victory in the 2019 General Election, creating a political volatility India has not experienced in a long time

The Muslim Makeover

Shaheen Bagh has changed the community’s terms of engagement with the country

Hate Wave in Delhi

Two days of rage and rampage in the National Capital. A Dispatch

Modi’s Fireman

When Ajit Doval hit the burning streets of Delhi


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