When the Army Loses Ground

Raja Chowdhury

Indian Army property under the Southern Command is being used for commercial purposes in dozens of cases. But investigations are being stonewalled

Wild Goose Chase in the Skies

India has announced it will sign the much-trumpeted 126-aircraft MMRCA deal worth $12 billion in September. But will it? Unlikely

The $50 Billion Shopping Spree

After a long break, foreign arms purchases are firmly back on New Delhi’s agenda. But given the new trends dictating the country’s defence needs, indigenous R&D needs to buck up

Small Deals, Big Deals and the Big Brother of All

More info on the proposed 126-jet megadeal

F16 Jets: To Buy or Not to Buy

The world’s biggest defence deal could come through soon. However, the US seems determined to change the rules midway.

The Case for Strategic Silence

It is a matter of concern that our Defence Minister reacts to most problems saying it’s a “matter of concern”. High time he stopped being just concerned and did something.

At Last, a Credible Deterrent

With the successful test launch of Agni-V, India will acquire its first credible nuclear deterrent.

India’s Ragtag Army

It is low on money, officers, equipment and strategic vision. It just does not seem to have what it takes to fight a war—and win.

Are We Ready?

What has the Kargil war taught us? How do we ensure there is no repeat? What has changed in strategy, tactics and technology in the past 10 years?

The $10 Billion Dogfight

The world’s top guns are scrambling to win the Indian Air Force’s tender for 126 combat aircraft. Who’ll grab the flying colours?


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