Leela Samson: Dance of the Outsider

Akhila Krishnamurthy

Veteran Bharatanatyam dancer Leela Samson speaks to Akhila Krishnamurthy about her forays into cinema and abiding passion for teaching

Dancing In the City

Bengaluru emerges as the new capital of Bharatanatyam

The Wisdom and Passion of VK Narayana Menon

A tribute to the former director-general of All India Radio and excellent musicologist who popularised classical Indian music and dance worldwide

Flying Machine Versus Robin

The guts and glories of one-on-one breaking or B-Boying

Rama Vaidyanathan: Fine Balance

Rama Vaidyanathan expertly treads the line between classicism and popular appeal

Is There an Identity Crisis?

When the search for cultural authenticity stifles imagination

Epic Retellings

Dance and theatre productions upturn popular versions of characters and stories from the Ramayana

Sooraj Subramaniam: The World at His Feet

Sooraj Subramaniam is one of the most sought after freelance dancers in the world today. He tells Malini Nair how he bends and blends genres

Malavika Sarukkai: ‘I wanted to fly’

Over the last five decades Malavika Sarukkai has reserved the right to dream in her performances. The Bharatanatyam dancer in conversation with Malini Nair


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