The Rama Motif

Makarand R Paranjape

The aesthetics of Indian politics–X

Certitudes of the Centre

The art and architecture of domination

Sing Me to Sleep

The lullaby is finding its way into mainstream music culture

The Spoken Word Order

Migration, both external and internal, has shaped the languages that we speak

Loyal to Delhi

There is some intangible mystique about the city

The Marketable Idea of India

Ravinder Kaur tracks liberalised India and its links to cultural nationalism

The Historian’s Eye

Romila Thapar provides a nonjudgmental cultural perspective on China

Foundation Compass

We synthesise our beliefs to suit our way of life

Terms of Enchantment

A character sketch of Kolkata’s iconic Coffee House

The Iron Grip

The enduring fascination with Margaret Thatcher for authors, filmmakers and musicians


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