The Revision Fetish

Pallavi Aiyar

Does renaming streets or demolishing statues redeem history?

The Good Orientalists

India would be a poorer place without the work of British archaeologists

The Art of Eternity

How to prepare the post-pandemic cultural world for its digital future

Left, Right or Centre?

The ideological dyslexia of the thinking individual

The Republic of Rage

India needs to laugh a little and bring satire back

Evolution Of the Role

Marriage, pregnancy and the changing stature of the Bollywood heroine

For the Love of the Taj

Is the revisionist appraisal of the country’s most celebrated monument dislodging it from its cultural perch?

Crimson City

To follow in the footsteps of real and imagined characters in Old Delhi is to discover its cosmopolitan nature

The Wages of the Culture War

The permanently aggrieved Hindu vs the secular denier

Food for Thought

Kebabs in shot glasses and other atrocities


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