How Tsarist Russia’s intellectuals embraced Indian culture

Ajay Kamalakaran

Yoga, Sanskrit and Dharmic belief systems found their way to pre-communist Russia and were adopted by some of the foremost members of the country’s intelligentsia

Japan: Basho As Guide

Tripping in Japan with its authors

Black Lives Matter

Diving into European art history to resurrect a vital and ignored cast of characters

Living Myths

An internationally acclaimed short film tells the Santhals’ story

Framing the Fable

This study on the evolution of photography in the subcontinent strikes a fine balance between the medium’s formal and aesthetic aspirations

The Flow of Time

Rivers that run through the cultural history of India

The Big Picture

Coffee-table books that showcase the arts, crafts and cultural histories of India

The Foreigner’s Home

To what do we pay greatest allegiance? Family, language group, country, gender? Religion, race? And if none of these matter, are we urbane, cosmopolitan, or simply lonely?

Where the Guest is God

The Indian service industry


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