Ideals of the Past

Shaikh Ayaz

Glimpses of ancient India’s cultural interaction with the West

Return to the Roots

Many schools are adding Indian knowledge and culture to their curricula before such subjects become mandatory

Cocooned in Time

A cultural and biological history of silk

Investing in Identity

What cultural capital can bring to national development

A Canvas of Empowerment

Bengal and its pandals during Durga Puja

Many Indias

From the early masters to contemporary stars

Patna Patchwork

The Bihar Museum Biennale showcases a confluence of international and local cultures

‘I Always Find Pleasure In Drowning,’ says Akram Khan

Akram Khan’s final full-length solo performance is both an end and a beginning. The dancer-choreographer speaks to Open about the need to bleed on stage

Pride and Pomp

The diaspora experience is not trapped in nostalgia any longer

The Future of War

Does Samuel P Huntington’s thesis need an overhaul?


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