An Idea Between the Covers

Sudeep Paul

America was the New Jerusalem. It is still the Promised Land. That is not a complete picture but it is how the America we know began. From Henry James’ wilderness with ‘nothing’ in it, the US quickly grew to lead the world, economically, militarily and intellectually. A big country, a lot of things have happened in its brief timeline, and everything has mattered. Below is a list of 10 books, fiction and non-fiction, that span most of the country’s history as the ‘United’ States of America and explain how it was made—and continues to be remade

Clash of Opinions

The dangers of a networked society

Playing with Mozart

An unusual Western Classical duo injects fun into their concerts

Speaking in their own Voices

New creative forces from Nagaland and Manipur

A Letter from Dhaka

Books, biryani and other delights of a charming city

The Nobel and Kolkata

The underlying message to all those basking in reflected glory is clear

YG Srimati: The Radical Classicist

YG Srimati broke boundaries while remaining rooted to the ancient traditions of the subcontinent

How Tsarist Russia’s intellectuals embraced Indian culture

Yoga, Sanskrit and Dharmic belief systems found their way to pre-communist Russia and were adopted by some of the foremost members of the country’s intelligentsia

Japan: Basho As Guide

Tripping in Japan with its authors

Black Lives Matter

Diving into European art history to resurrect a vital and ignored cast of characters


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